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A Day to Remember at Kashmere High School's Back-to-School Bash!

United in Service Coalition, UISC, recently teamed up with Kashmere High School for an unforgettable back-to-school celebration. This wasn’t just about fun; it was a showcase of community spirit and the boundless possibilities of education. UISC was proud to have the opportunity to distribute school supplies, igniting excitement for the upcoming academic year. The DJ, had everyone line-dancing to lively beats! Kashmere's band and dance team also stole the show with their dynamic performances. Plus, we gave attendees a glimpse of UISC's upcoming Drone Education Program – a nod to the future of learning.

Big cheers to Kashmere High for this spectacular event. At UISC, we're reminded of how unity and education can craft magical moments. Here’s to a promising school year ahead!

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