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Behind the Black Feature: Featuring Tramashika DeWalt by Black Phlox Candle Co.

In celebration of Black History Month in February, Black Phlox Candle Co. brilliantly shone a spotlight on 12 influential Black Community Leaders from the Houston area, including our very own Founder and President, Tramashika DeWalt.

In a series of features that spanned the month, Black Phlox Candle Co. dedicated each day to highlighting the impactful contributions and ongoing efforts of these community leaders. Through this inspiring initiative, they not only honored their achievements but also amplified their voices and works that are crucial to the progress and development of our community.

At the forefront of this commendable endeavor were Rica and Tasha Kendrick Palmer of Black Phlox Candle Co. Their unwavering commitment to supporting UISC and their dedication to community-building have been a source of tremendous inspiration and strength. Their efforts reflect the true spirit of Black History Month - celebrating our leaders, acknowledging their contributions, and fostering unity.

We extend gratitude to Black Phlox Candle Co. for their dedication and for pouring their passion and commitment into uplifting the community.

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