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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King and UISC's Birthday Month

For two very important honors, we gathered together to pay tribute to the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to celebrate another amazing year of carrying out our mission with United In Service Coalition's birthday month! Dr. King maintained a vision for a more diverse America where all people can enjoy the benefits of equality, and UISC is thrilled to have another year to serve veterans and underserved communities by promoting meaningful connections through community service, social engagement, and educational workshops.

Our mission's success is indebted to the remarkable progress and accomplishments of Dr. King. We pay homage to his legacy by uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, and races, harnessing their talents and abilities to improve the lives of our community and those who have courageously served our nation. We firmly believe in Dr. King's principle that all individuals, regardless of color or creed, are equal members of the human family.

When we assembled at Kashmere Gardens Elementary School, the essence of this principle resonated within us. Our dedication and actions reflect Dr. King's vision, and we feel privileged to contribute daily through our services, donations received, and business collaborations. Whether large or small, each connection and resource creates a meaningful impact.

Even though it was freezing (according to Houstonian standard, lol), we huddled up at the school and got to work. We gave the campus a refresh by picking up trash, painting, and making everything look new. The best part about being able to come together for a good cause: the hilarious jokes, heartwarming conversations, and delicious breakfast to keep us going on our path to success. Only thing missing was the coffee!

We jammed out to music, felt the love and good vibes all around, and felt honored to be a catalyst for change like Dr. King. Just as he had a dream, UISC started as a passion project and thanks in part to an amazing community of volunteers, generous donations and incredible partnerships, it has evolved into so much more. We were thrilled to celebrate another year with our 501c3 status! A new year signifies the continuation of our mission, making a difference in the lives of veterans and community members alike to provide access to transformative resources. United In Service Coalition is a community. A family. A hope and a blueprint for a better world by working together. We have a dream... and we hope you'll be a part of it with us.

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