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Elevating Service Through Pageantry: United In Service Coalition's Shining Ambassador

A pageant, beyond its sparkle, stands as a beacon for causes and platforms its participants hold dear. Our UISC President, Tramashika DeWalt's journey in the United States National Pageant is emblematic of this ethos. At its heart, her participation isn't about personal accolades, but a deep-rooted allegiance to the United In Service Coalition (UISC).

For many, the pageant arena isn't merely a competition; it's a megaphone to bolster voices and advocacies that resonate. Each graceful step a Queen takes onstage propels the mission of UISC further into the limelight, forging links and fostering community awareness. While the tiara might be ornamental, the real success emanates from the awareness and momentum it brings to the championed cause.

Tramashika isn't merely adorned with a sash and crown. She proudly embodies UISC's principles and aspirations. Her foray into the world of pageants is fueled by an unwavering determination to amplify UISC's footprint, leveraging the pageant's visibility for communal upliftment. Her dedication to the cause is what truly crowns her worthy of such a prestigious platform.

As she sets her gaze on clinching the title of Ms. Woman United States, it's the spirit of UISC that she spotlights. Each ovation, honor, and commendation she garners echoes the spirit of the community she ardently serves.

In this sphere, it's more than just the story of a single trailblazer. It's a testament to the synergy of a community and the transformative shifts they envision. Through Tramashika's devotion, UISC secures a louder voice, a grander stage, and an expanded horizon to propel its noble endeavors.

Supporting UISC and Tramashika: Here's How You Can Make a Difference! Behind every successful journey are the supporters who rally and cheer from the sidelines. As Tramashika sets her sights on the title of Ms. Woman United States, your support can play a crucial role in amplifying the message of the United In Service Coalition (UC).

Here’s how you can show your unwavering support for UISC and Tramashika:

  1. Mark Your Calendars: The pageant is set to dazzle from the 19th to the 22nd. Ensure you save these dates!

  2. Donate Generously: Every contribution counts. You can make a donation to UISC through the following link: Donate to UISC.

  3. Cast Your Vote: Your vote can be a game-changer! Choose "Florida" as the state and cast your vote at: Vote Here.

  4. Stream the Event: Witness the magic as it unfolds by streaming the pageant via this link: Watch Live.

A Heartfelt Shoutout to Our Esteemed National Sponsors: The journey to the crown wouldn't be possible without the gracious support of our incredible sponsors:

  • ReVa Nation

  • Veterans Retreat Center Foundation

  • United in Service Coalition

  • Kenneth Williams

  • EMPAC Real Estate Solutions

Let's rally behind Tramashika and UISC, championing their mission and making a difference together! 🌟👑

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