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Garden Day with Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our community project with Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council took place at the Trinity and Kashmere Gardens. This support event allowed us to provide volunteers, as well as snack and drinks for everyone involved to stay hydrated and energized for a fun time building up the gardens.

Together we worked to complete a rain garden, clean out some garden beds, plant some fall vegetables and add some new plants around the garden as well.

The rain garden was an integral part of this project due to the community being in a flood zone, food desert/swamp and food insecure neighborhood. The rain garden is a precautionary measure to keep the garden alive in the event of a flood.

We visit the Trinity and Kashmere Gardens at least monthly to help support the mission to provide the community with healthier food options. At this support event, we were able to plant fall vegetables of collard greens and beets.

Thank you to all our volunteers and to Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council for all your hard work on keeping this community beautiful and flourishing.

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