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Gobble Up the Gratitude

Get ready to gobble up some gratitude, because the Thanksgiving Day of Service was one for the books! It started out with our prep day to make sure everything was perfectly in place for the big event.

From finessing the silverware to slicing up the sweet treats and popping cranberry goodness into cute containers, every little touch was pure gold and not a detail was missed. Heck, we even had to send out our emergency dessert squad to snag more treats because our initial supply was not enough! What a wild and delicious adventure!

We had a blast of a time bonding over everything, from our missions to our lives, while making new friends. We even had a mini-adventure with the electric and manual can openers breaking leaving us to use our bare hands which in turn led to many hand cramps! But hey, it was a fantastic reminder to appreciate the simple things and show off our inner warriors, even without the fancy gadgets! After a long and tiring (but rewarding) day of prep, it was time to hit the hay and recharge for the big event on the horizon!

Thanksgiving Day...

It was a squad effort between New Beginnings Church, Destined For Empowerment, United In Service Coalition and many others. This day was packed with nonstop fun and action, from sunrise to the early afternoon. Our superstar volunteers were on a mission to make it a flawless day for all 2,000 families who came to share a meal with us.

We had a dizzying array of tasks to take care of, from food prep to plate serving. And boy, oh boy, did we nail it! Our chef volunteers whipped up the tastiest smoked turkey ever, along with all the trimmings that make a Thanksgiving meal a true feast for the senses. It was an awesome day for all, and we couldn't have done it without our dedicated and hardworking volunteers who made it all happen!

Thanksgiving is usually a time for families to cozy up at home, so it was a daring move to host an event. But guess what? It went down in history as a smashing hit! Hearts were filled with warmth and tummies with scrumptious food. We poured in bucket-loads of effort to make this shindig happen, but it was worth every drop. The church was buzzing with laughter and love, and we left with new friends and inspiring stories. All in all, it was the perfect recipe of fun, funny, and heartfelt moments.

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