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Spreading Holiday Cheer through Health and Tradition

Our yearly calendar is adorned with many cherished traditions, but there is one special event that shines brighter than all the rest. Thanksgiving Pantry Day is a day of abundance, giving, and wonder, that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.

This year, along with our partners at Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council and Trinity Garden Church of Christ, we were also fortunate to have the support of Shell and a squad of unstoppable volunteers.

This year's pantry was extra special, since we added a health fair to the mix. Families had a blast discovering all sorts of ways to live healthier lives. They mingled with different health sources, got their blood pressure checked, and even learned about healthier eating habits. Talk about a win-win: residents could get tips on healthy eating and get a healthy meal for the holidays all in one place!

Our Thanksgiving pantry provided residents with all the trimmings to help them whip up a traditional feast for their nearest and dearest. It's our joy to sprinkle a little extra love into their holiday season!

Thanksgiving is the ultimate gratitude party, and we had a blast feeling thankful! Our dream team and partners brought double the joy, serving up a delicious meal to take home for the community members as well as providing an abundance of knowledge at the health fair. The whole shebang was a celebration of laughter and good vibes, leaving everyone feeling super grateful!

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