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United In Service Coalition Celebrates Nature’s Bounty at Trinity Garden Community Garden! 🌱

Under the gentle embrace of sunbeams at Trinity Garden Community Garden, an inspiring tapestry of hands, spanning generations, joined forces to nurture Mother Earth. Spearheaded by the United In Service Coalition (UISC), the garden blossomed into a hub of activity, verdant growth, and profound community camaraderie.

The day began with a garden rejuvenation - out went the remnants of yesteryears, making way for our spotlight vegetables: the hearty butternut squash, delightful spaghetti squash, and the ever-vibrant turnip greens. And the fun didn’t stop there! We celebrated our green efforts with a spontaneous okra fest, harvesting a bounty of fresh pods. Delicious is an understatement!

But, the most enchanting moments? Witnessing our garden maestros, our seasoned green-thumbed experts, passionately imparting their wisdom to a fresh crop of budding horticulturists. The garden echoed with joyous laughter, invaluable horticultural insights, and a palpable sense of unity. From the young ones to the young at heart, the day saw everyone deeply connecting with the soil and each other.

With hands covered in earth and hearts full of gratitude, UISC's day at Trinity Garden showcased the beauty of community coming together, forging bonds, and celebrating the simple joys of nature. 🌿🌼

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