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You Owe You Eric Thomas Event

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

In October of 2022, United In Service Coalition along with Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council, did a match sponsorship donation that was able to sponsor 40 of our veterans, teachers, staff, faculty and students in the community, the opportunity to witness Dr. Eric Thomas at his 'You Owe You' Book Tour stop in Houston.

This workshop helped inspire our attendees by giving them tools and information to help ignite their power, their purpose and their way. Since many of the attendees work in or come from under resourced neighborhoods, this opportunity boosted their morale and allowed them an experience they may never have been able to be a part of due to lack of funding in the district.

During the end of the event, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took to the stage to present Doctor Eric Thomas with a certificate acknowledging his success in empowering people to ignite their power, their purpose and their way. She mentioned how Doctor Thomas had to overcome obstacles, such as homelessness, and that his commitment and dedication to encourage others to embrace change and champion positive action for the good of the community deserves to be honored. At that time, she asked all former military members in the audience to wave their hands as she presented Doctor Eric Thomas with a certification and an American flag. She called upon one of our very own veterans, a former member of the United States Navy, to come up on stage and present Doctor Thomas with the American flag, which was flown over the United States Capitol on his honor.

Some of our attendees were also able to stroll as they were recognized for being part of the fraternities of the Divine 9.

We are very happy that United In Service Coalition, along with Northeast Houston Redevelopment Council, were able to provide our veterans and community members with this life changing experience and opportunity.

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