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United in Service Coalition began as a passion project and has developed into so much more. It is a community. A family. A hope and a blueprint for a better world by working together. United in Services Coalition was brought to life by female veteran, Tramashika 'Ms. T.' DeWalt, who after serving in the military understood the transition back to civilian life was a difficult one. After growing up in an underserved community and the journey of joining the military, she knew that  combining these two worlds would benefit the community and help former soldiers use their skill sets to integrate back into civilian life in a positive way. 


Connecting Our Veterans + Our Community

Our mission is to promote meaningful connections between veterans and the community through community service, social engagement, and educational workshops. By fostering relationships and providing opportunities for personal growth, we strive to build a stronger more connected community that supports and honors our veterans and communities.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower, equip, engage, enhance, and educate the community at large by serving within the community, alongside the community; by providing invaluable trainings, programs, and resources. 

Our Values

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  1. Service: a commitment to serving others and creating opportunities that benefit both veterans and the community.

  2. Community: a belief in the importance of building connections between veterans and the broader community, and a dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.

  3. Recognition and Appreciation: a focus on recognizing and appreciating the contributions of both veterans and community members who support the organization's work.

  4. Collaboration: A belief in the power of collaboration and volunteerism to achieve shared goals.

  5. Personal growth: A commitment to personal growth, learning, and development.

  6. Family: An understanding of the importance of family and a commitment to supporting our veterans, community members, and their families.

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