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Our Drone Flight School offers a Accredited Curriculum that includes the basic skills and knowledge necessary to become a safe and responsible drone pilot. This program structure offers a logical progression of topics, ensuring that students gradually build their knowledge and skills in drone technology, from fundamentals to advanced concepts and coding. It also emphasizes safety, ethics, and regulatory compliance throughout the learning journey.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate Proficiency in Basic Drone Operation
Adhere to Safety Protocols + Flight Procedures
Understand + Apply FAA Regulations

- Successfully operate a drone, showcasing proficiency in takeoff, landing, and stable flight control.

   - Execute precise maneuvers, such as hovering, ascending, descending, and lateral movements.

- Implement comprehensive safety protocols, including understanding the role of the team in drone operations.

- Effectively communicate using navigational directional terminology.

- Thoroughly execute a Pre-Flight Checklist to ensure safe and reliable drone flights.

  - Articulate a solid understanding of the fundamental FAA rules and regulations governing drone pilots.

- Exhibit the ability to adhere to these regulations during drone flight operations.

Navigate Complex
Flight Scenarios
Effective Communication

- Navigate and operate drones in various environmental conditions, including handling wind and other external factors.

   - Demonstrate the capability to manage unexpected situations and emergencies during flight.

- Communicate clearly and effectively with team members during pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight phases.

Drone Lessons, Learning Activities, Coding

Module 1: Drone Fundamentals

Topic 1: Introduction to Drone Technology

  • Lesson Topic: Understanding the Basics of Drones

    • Learning Activities: Interactive discussions and introductory drone demonstrations.

  • Lesson Topic: Exploring the Parts of a Drone

    • Learning Activities: Hands-on exploration of drone components and their functions.

  • Lesson Topic: The Role of the Team in Drone Operations

    • Learning Activities: Team-building exercises and discussions on teamwork in drone missions.

Topic 2: Safety, Regulations, and Ethics

  • Lesson Topic: Drone Safety + Ethical Considerations

    • ​Learning Activities: Scenario-based discussions and ethical dilemma exercises.

  • Lesson Topic: FAA Rules and Regulations

    • ​Learning Activities: Reviewing and understanding key FAA regulations for drone pilots.

Module 2: Drone Operations + Navigation

Topic 3: Flight Control and Navigation

  • Lesson Topic: Navigating with Drones

    • ​Learning Activities: Practical flight missions involving navigation and waypoint planning.

  • Lesson Topic: Using the Remote Controller

    • ​Learning Activities: Hands-on practice with remote controllers, including flight simulations.

  • Lesson Topic: Connecting a Drone to a Remote Controller

    • Learning Activities: Step-by-step guidance and practice on connecting drones to controllers.

Topic 4: Understanding Propellers + Motors

  • Lesson Topic: Numbering Rotors and Propeller Pairs

    • ​Learning Activities: Visual demonstrations and exercises on rotor numbering and propeller pairing.

  • Lesson Topic: Identifying and Handling Propellers

    • ​Learning Activities: Hands-on sessions on propeller identification and safe removal/replacement.

  • Lesson Topic: Motor Directions and Their Impact

    • ​Learning Activities: Hands-on motor and propeller rotation demonstrations, explaining their influence on flight.

Module 3: Advanced Drone Concepts

Topic 5: Maintenance and Optimization

  • Lesson Topic: Battery Usage and Management

    • ​Learning Activities: Training on battery care, charging, and monitoring during drone operation.



  • Lesson Topic: Real-World Uses of Drones

    • Learning Activities: Exploring practical applications across various industries.

  • Lesson Topic: Careers in Drone Technology

    • Learning Activities: Guest speakers and discussions about career opportunities in the drone technology field.

Topic 6: Applications and Careers

Topic 7: Drone Language and Coding

  • Lesson Topic: Basic Drone Vocabulary: Terms, Abbreviations + Acronyms

    • ​Learning Activities: Interactive sessions focusing on essential drone-related terminology

  • Lesson Topic: Introduction to Drone Coding

    • ​Learning Activities: Introduction to coding for autonomous drone flight.

  • Lesson Topic: Drone Coding with DroneBlocks

    • ​Learning Activities: Hands-on coding sessions using DroneBlocks.

  • Lesson Topic: Real-World Drone Coding Projects

    • ​Learning Activities: Coding missions, games, and challenges in real-world scenarios.

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