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You've Got Goals, We've Got Your Back!

Our inaugural Goal Get It, Goal Getter Goal Planning Series was a huge success! The objective was simple: to assist you in kickstarting your goals, and to provide resources and guidance for you to take actionable step to accomplish your goals throughout the process. While we established a 12-month series, we have segmented it into quarterly milestones. As we convene every quarter, we assess progress and offer support to aid you in achieving those SMART goals. Remember, you are capable, and we are here to support you on your extraordinary endeavor!

We had an amazing time crafting our vision boards and delved into the concepts of traditional versus non-traditional vision boards. While the conventional board is typically a poster adorned with various images, quotes, and words, we explored innovative ideas like a vision wall. Our discussions covered goals highlighted on vision boards, focusing on areas such as financial freedom, education, exercise, meditation, and work-life balance. We took the opportunity in the upcoming months to plan and allocate resources for these objectives. Our session was detailed and enjoyable, leading us to establish a special group chat to support each other, share motivation, pictures, goals, and achievements. We are all set to achieve our goals in 2024!

Join the epic Goal Get It, Goal Getter goal planning series for a journey to smash your goals in 2024! From unleashing your vision to nailing down SMART goals, crafting action plans, and boosting resilience, we've got you covered.

Throughout the year, get ready for a mix of virtual meet-ups and engaging activities to keep your goal game strong. And guess what? Houstonians might even score some in-person meet-ups!

Mark your calendar for the virtual get togethers on 4/26/24, 7/26/24, 10/25/24, and 12/27/24. Let's team up, map out success, and throw a party at every milestone. 2024 is your year to shine!

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